Falling For Flares

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 18.59.43I never thought I would be someone to flock to the latest fashion trends and I still don’t see myself as that person. However with flares everywhere I look it was hard to not want to try them on for size. I thought about flared jeans but after being in the heat of France I opted for something slightly more sheer and provocative. Lace flares. 

I went to one of my favourite hubs for all things fashion, ASOS and found what seemed to be a copy of some rather pricey Sandro white lace flares. I immediately had them on next day delivery along with a top that I thought might go along too. I fell head over heels in love, the length they gave to my legs, how flattering they were, how they felt really comfortable – just everything about them! Plus the cutest top of all time which I’m completely in love with.

Since then I’ve found some more winter appropriate colours, burgundy and black and I look forward to wearing those around the cold streets of London.

Lace Flare Trousers, £28 here

Cropped Off Shoulder Top, £14 here