having a black detox

Amelia (67 of 267)-minLess than 6 months ago I made a promise to myself to stop buying black and if you look through my instagram or latest haul videos I would say I’ve done a pretty good job of detoxing myself of the colour black. Being someone that’s primarily head-to-toe black, it seemed daunting at first. Black was my colour, it went with everything, it was never a hassle and was perfect for someone clumsy like me that spills everything and anything.

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For me, colour is so much more exciting, it’s still something I have to push myself to wear as I naturally just reach for neutral cami tops but looking through my wardrobe now there’s so much colour, and colours I never ever thought in a million years I would ever own! This orange two piece being one of the main culprits. The midi skirt is absolutely perfect, it’s flowy in all the right places, colourful, uplifting and bright. I went for the matchy matchy look and wore the matching bandeau (which, for anyone wondering, is completely secure with elastic and doesn’t require you to keep pulling it up).

It’s from a brand Mink Pink which I discovered on revolve.com, one of my favourite websites. They’ve also done the print in a dress and other styles too and since the obsession with this outfit I’ve picked up a few more pieces from them which I’ll share soon. I always thought I was too short to be a midi-girl girl, as midi clothes would completely drown me or end up by my ankles but I think the trick is to opt for something flowy, especially something that clinches in at the waist. It’s really the bright, uplifting colour that made me fall in love with this. I

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I mentioned these fringe sandals in my latest Net-A-Porter haul video and now I’ve worn them enough to give you a full report. Firstly if you don’t tie them super duper tight you will feel like bambi. They’re not the most supportive shoe unless you really tighten those strings but I absolutely love them! They’re so beautiful I can’t even describe how elegant they make me feel. They’re the perfect middle ground of detailed but not too in your face.

If you’re looking for something slightly more affordable and very similar I posted a picture of these on my instagram, they’re practically the same without the metal detail and tassels but do have a very similar heel and vibe to them. 

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Have you ever had a wardrobe colour detox? I’m officially a few months in an it’s looking bright!

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