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This was not something I planned, I wish it was so the denim on denim cool-girl in me could get some credit for her first shot at it but it was truly a packing malfunction by not realising my neutral jeans were stained from some sort of dessert. The glamorous truth.

It was time to head to my first meeting of the day in NYC and as I threw on some jeans alongside this Lovers + Friends top I instantly loved it, denim on denim was working for me! The matching tones, the girly feel of the Bardot top and the detail of my shoes all went together as if it was something I planned. Too bad it was a scorching hot day in New York and probably the worst day to wear jeans of my trip but luckily this top has a slit down the back so that let some air in. Lovers + Friends is one of my favourite labels on REVOLVE and FYI there’s a 15% off sale until the 15th of July, just enter TAKE15 at the checkout and thank me later.

A moment for these Topshop Jamie Jeans which seem to get all the attention on instagram every time I wear them. They’re a great length for a shorty like me, although the rips are slightly above the knee but I think it’s passable and are really well fitted.

I’m really enjoying sharing my recent looks, let me know which one has been your favourite by browsing my style pages here!

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