Looking through photo albums last weekend of me draped in my grandmothers jewellery, wearing four bags on each arm and laughing to myself thinking not much has changed. The obsession with sparkly things came at a very young age and hasn’t left since. My everyday jewellery stays within the dainty category and I rarely branch out but I wanted to give a few mentions to the pieces I wear the most and the brands who have my heart.

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Years ago I spotted a ring on my friend Georgie, it was from By Alona when the brand had just launched and it was love at first sight. Since then I’ve kept up with this London made jewellery and have loved each newest piece more and more. It’s not a brand that you can expect to roll out hundreds of pieces each season but it’s one I go to for statement jewellery with an edge, whilst still in my somewhat dainty comfort zone. It’s expressive and gets the mix between bold and subtle just right.  The Adelle choker is my all time favourite. It’s has the ability to liven up my face as soon as I put it on, I can’t describe how – it just does. I’m a gold finish girl for the most part so if you’re not into gold finishes then have a browse on the website because there’s lots of different finishes on offer.

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If you’re looking for on trend pieces that are affordable and wearable for everyday this brand is for you. They’re the brand that made me think layering jewellery is an easy task because everything just goes together so effortlessly. I could spend days and days browsing through their website. I’ve been layering their bracelets together and have received so many compliments on the slogan bangles. I’m also wearing two of their statement rings above too,

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558A1929-minA few other mentions have to go to Mejuri, a brand very close to my heart which I’ve mentioned time and time again. My latest additions their heart chain ring and this simple diamond on chain, plus I’m always wearing their Evil Eye chain ring.