At the beginning of this year I started an app called Headspace, a beginners guide to meditation. 10 minutes a day and I set myself the time allocation of each evening before bed. I lasted just over 10 days before I started to slack. Tomorrow, tomorrow became something pretty regular and before I knew it my new years resolution was out the window. 
It wasn’t that I didn’t see results, I did feel relaxed, found it much easier to head to sleep and the whole experience was really calming. Perhaps there was something about doing it in the evening where all I really wanted was to hit the pillow. 
I’ve started thinking about my forms of meditation. The time I take to myself, to switch off and think about simply, nothing. 
Walking my dog Duke is a ritual that I absolutely adore, I’ve actually managed to work out the times all my neighbours walk their dogs in the park so I can go separately and feel completely alone. I turn my phone on airplane mode and just enjoy each step without any distractions. 
My skincare routine is a time I shut the door to the world and take care of myself. Inhaling scents of serums and just taking the time to do me. 
Watching the sunset is something that happens so rarely in London but if I’m lucky enough I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to admire the colours and movements. I’m on the plane writing this and out the window there has been the most incredible orange sunset that then went red – I’ve never seen anything like it! Although on the way to the airport I labelled this plane journey as ‘my most productive plane journey yet’ I knew watching the firey sunset from the sky was something that couldn’t be missed. 
What I did pick up from Headspace was counting to 10 whilst breathing, it’s something I’ve done since the beginning of this year whenever I’m trying to sleep and my head is racing thinking of all the random things I didn’t do, forgot to do or need to do. It’s such a simple tip but I find if I really concentrate on just numbers and breathing, before I know it it’s the next morning. 

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Perhaps I’ll give meditation another go, if you have any recommendations I would love to know!

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