Monochrome in Check

I feel like we’re well into winter and hopefully, although I don’t want to speak too soon…but maybe the end is in sight! Like all of us, I’m so guilty of heading out into the cold and just wanting to wear layers upon layers (Joey Tribbiani style- I hope any FRIENDS lovers get this link). The temptation towards big, baggy jumpers and puffer coats or down jackets is real, and of course there are many days (more than I would like to admit) when I’m running errands and just wrap up in the cosiest clothing I can find.

This is a look that I wore recently when I went and met some friends for brunch and whilst I’ve strayed from the thick woolly jumpers and puffer jackets, it bears absolutely no skin at all (horray) but is still really versatile and chic.


I try to not wear all black outfits because I’m such a fan of colour. I totally get how practical and flattering and easy monochrome is, but just because it’s winter I try not to wear head to toe black. That’s why I’m currently obsessed with this coat from Tularosa at Revolve. This is such a statement piece and makes me feel so smart and put together. Normally the word monochrome brings to mind: drab, boring and dreary, but this coat is anything but! Without this coat I really would be in head to toe black, so I really love game-changing pieces like this, the large checked pattern is really unique and sure to turn heads! Also there is something about the length of this coat that is much more mature and, bonus, the length of it adds to how warm and comfortable it is.



Whilst they may not be the first thing that spring to mind when I say winter warmer, but honestly these leather trousers from Helmut Lang are not only so warm, but they’re so slimming. I love how perfectly the leather details coincide for this look, with the addition of my new obsession – these YSL booties and my Givenchy Antigona.

The way that the leather trousers skim the boots totally elongates my legs – this is honestly such a useful trick for any other short girls like me. 

Like I said, black is easy and fail-safe which is why I can never go wrong when I add my this bag to complete an outfit. I was out and about going from brunch and then to do a little bit of shopping, so this Mary Poppins life-saver is perfect for me. Filling it up for a full day out and about, I can fit everything I need (and all the other things that I definitely don't need but that I tell myself I can't live without!)