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I’ve been a fan of Sally Hansen for years now as they’re a brand who have really stood the test of time in my opinion. One of the reasons I always go back to their range is that I don’t find the polishes nearly as damaging as other brands. When it comes to painting my nails you’ll rarely see my naked nails however I do hate the thought that I’m damaging them in the process, and I hate knowing that when I eventually take off the colour my nails will be so weak and brittle. I’ve recently been trying out the new Color Therapy nail polishes from Sally Hansen and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with the results. 

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When I used the Color Therapy polishes I was so relieved to see that my nails remained healthy and that they’re not going to punish me for months after I’ve painted them. What’s amazing about the Color Therapy range is, as the name suggests, your nails are receiving some goodness when you paint them. My nails felt really moisturised and healthy both wearing the nail varnish and after I’d taken it off. I always notice such a difference to the application of my nail polish when I’m using a brush like this one, it’s super smooth and so easy to swipe all over the nail, so that you can actually get a really spotless finish. 

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There’s a top coat that adds an extra dose of shine and nourishment plus longevity to the polish. I’ve also been trying out the cuticle oil from this range and I’ve been really enjoying it. This is a step I often forget when I’m looking after my nails, so I’ve noticed such a difference using this in virtually no time. This cuticle oil is great because it’s not too thick or sticky like some other cuticle oils I’ve tried and nor does it linger for too long. Also the oil itself is actually enriched with argan oil which is so naturally nourishing and moisturising but it also has a much more natural scent. I usually apply it before painting my nails and throughout the week to keep my cuticles hydrated. 


I was really impressed by the great colour range of girly spring and summer shades. I was drawn to the nude Chai On Life initially because it’s really flattering and easy to wear but I can see myself reaching for the bright pinks, corals and nudes in the upcoming weeks. The full range of 38 shades are available at Boots and I think I will be visiting to try some of the mauves and berry colours. 



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