25 Thoughts On My 25th Birthday

  1. My favourite thing about London is how peaceful the street are on a Sunday.
  2. Time off is important. I say this now, but the last time I took a proper day off, no instagram, no emails, no planning was…never. It’s harder than it seems, especially when you work for yourself so if you’re not doing it no one else will. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a complaint, this is more of an awareness. I’m aware that when I spend even an hour without my phone or totally occupied in going for a walk with my cousins my mindset switches and I’m a much more relaxed, happier person. I’m still figuring out the balance but I’ll get there.
  3. Dogs are angels. I actually say this so many times to anyone and everyone because I genuinely believe it. No matter what Duke brings me a constant source of joy every day. Even if I’m away in another country and just watching videos of him he can still make me smile like nothing else. I was criticised recently for spending the majority of my energy on my dog, but for me it’s not something I would think twice about – he is an angel.
  4. You know you best. Whilst it feels like everyone around me seems to be projecting their ideas about my life, opinions and values onto me more and more, the more I realise I know myself best. Even the people closest to me don’t know me like I know me.
  5. Have a don’t care attitude about gossip. This has never been me – I’m not going to lie, I love a good gossip! Recently, something switched and I don’t know how, but I couldn’t care less about Sally and Harry, it’s been liberating and life changing (and also confusing for many people that know me trying to tell me gossip and looking back at my unamused face!). I wish I could tell you how I did it, but one day I just chose not to care and it’s been liberating.
  6. The law of attraction always works. Without fail. I can’t go into this in more detail or we will be here all day – but The Secret by Rhonda Byrne really did change my outlook on everything daily.
  7. Que Sera Sera. Having trust in what’s meant to be will be.
  8. You can’t change people… so don’t even try.
  9. Digital detoxes actually work. This weekend I’ve turned off my phone before bed, sounds mad, but it’s something I’ve never done in my life and it’s game changing! I’m almost too embarrassed to tell you what time I’ve been waking up.
  10. Nothing beats home. Or maybe it’s because my mum is home? Cooking fresh saffron rice and banana bread. I don’t think any place I ever live in will come close to home home.
  11. Be selfish. Enough said.
  12. Listen to your body. Something I only realised in the past year as I would previously keep pushing my body, eating things it couldn’t process and not recognising stress. Our bodies are amazing, they are so many indicators for how we are really feeling and I’m so grateful for this.
  13. I love my drawer of happy things. Last night I was looking for a particular card in a drawer under my bed. The drawers are huge and filled with memories from all my life and even though I didn’t find what I was looking for I ended up getting distracted with so many gorgeous pictures, letters and journals.
  14. Highlight of the past year? Chilling out at my cousins in the countryside, with Hannah Duke and Hiccup all so relaxed and then waking up the next day to go riding through the New Forest.
  15. It’s ok if you don’t have a plan. I’m a list writer, always have been always will be and for me, plans are everything. I write plans of plans of plans and when there’s no plan, I tend to get upset and confused. I’m learning it is ok not to have a plan and I’m just putting trust in myself that I’ll figure it out.
  16. Work isn’t everything. Anyone that knows me really well will laugh when they read this – I know I know. I’m working on believing this one (I say as I spend hours delaying everyone retaking a shot that was perfectly fine to begin with). Easier said then done when you love your job but I’m trying to get there.
  17. Getting rid of the scales and bedroom mirror was the best thing I’ve done for myself. No more reminder of symptoms and a much healthier outlook.
  18. Having a handful of wonderful best friends is better than a large group of people you know.
  19. Recognise & change bad habits. I know I’m critical and in all honesty I’m critical of my work, my relationships, my actions, other peoples actions – I’m a pro at criticising and would be so good as a judge on a show that’s how good I am. It’s not something I love about myself but I’m proud of myself for recognising this and having a growth mentality to drive change in myself. CBT here I come.
  20. Gratitude is always the winning attitude.
  21. The 5 Minute Journal is a part of my daily routine I don’t see myself being without. I don’t see anyone that wouldn’t benefit from its daily practise of visualisation, gratitude, reflection and self love.
  22. I voted and in the spirit of being honest, I didn’t used to vote… until I watched the suffragettes, it’s such a moving film and never will I take my right to vote for granted again.
  23. I’m so grateful for being able to share my thoughts, opinions and life with you online. Thank you.
  24. I’ve had three banana muffins already today and counting. Fresh out the oven! Thank you Mama.
  25. Wow 25 thoughts is a lot haha… Happy Birthday to me!

*written on no sleep 11/06/17 – don’t judge me for spelling mistakes!