Favourite Summer Dresses

The other day a follower of mine pointed out my style really comes alive during the summer time and I couldn’t agree more. I’m all about short, light frilly dresses to the point where I wear them even when the weather is slightly inappropriate for bare legs – I just can’t help myself! This white one from Tularosa is everything I look for in a summer dress. It’s breathable, comfortable to move around and versatile. I love that I can wear it casually with sandals by the seaside or dress it up with heels and a nice bag for a slightly more formal evening look.


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Speaking of summer dresses, I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing through online shops recently thanks to all the amazing sales going on right now, and I found some absolute eye candies. Here’s some of my favourite pieces I’ve stumbled upon, from beach and maxi style dresses to the mini and evening numbers.

mini dresses UNDER 50 final


I have a thing for mini off-the-shoulder dresses right now, especially when there are frills and bold patterns involved, but I’m also loving all-white pieces for the summer time. They always look amazing with a tan, and the ones with lace add a nice, feminine touch as well. 

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The maxi dress that I wore in New York made me fall in love with this style of dresses even more. They’re so effortless to pair with other pieces! The only thing you really need is the right handbag and you’re good to go. I’m currently eyeing up this maxi dress with a lemon pattern. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been obsessing over everything lemon ever since I came home from my trip to Positano.

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Scrolling down my to-buy list of beach dresses I’ve saved in my browser, it looks like I’m totally jumping on the tassel bandwagon this summer. I love the playful and casual look they give to any outfit, which is exactly the vibe I’m going for when chilling on the beach. Having said that, I’m also a fan of pieces like this one that can be dressed up with some jewellery and worn for a stroll around the town.

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evening dresses4 under 50


To stay on the topic of dressing up, here’s some of my favourite dresses for the evening time. Whether on maxi, midi or mini, I’ve especially been loving cut-outs and floral patterns. This hydrangea print from Dolce & Gabbana is so, so beautiful and I honestly wouldn’t mind owning every single dress from that collection!

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