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I’ve been luckily enough to be born and raised in London and even though my suitcases and passport have got a lot of use the past few years nothing quite beats coming home. Even when it’s raining (this wouldn’t be a London related post without a mention of the weather!) it’s still one of the most beautiful cities in my eyes. 


Two of my favourite areas of London and both with quite similar vibes, cute cafés and coloured pastel houses. The top of primrose hill park has one of the best (and free!) views in the whole of London. On a clear day you can see across the city and even to The Shard. If you’re in both areas just turn off your google maps and walk around, I promise you you’ll end up surrounded by the cutest houses and each one is a different colour – it’s like living in a picture! If you’re in Primrose Hill eat at Greenberry Cafe and if you’re in Notting Hill eat at Farm Girl Cafe.


2) PLATFORM 9 3/4

Even though I’m not a number one Harry Potter fan, the Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station really thrills me! When you’re there, it’s like you’re entering a magical world that truly exists and it gets the little girl in me so excited!



This might be a bit of a weird one to throw into the mix, but I just love seeing the Victorian black railings all across London. I find them so elegant and love that they have a story behind them, whether it’s true or not. Rumour has it Queen Victoria ordered to paint everything black after Prince Albert’s sudden death, and ever since then, all railings have stayed this colour.



Food markets are the best place explore and try out different homemade bites.  One of my favourites is Borough Market. You can find dishes from every corner of the globe there and the food is prepared right in front of your eyes, if you go early enough make sure to go to the cookie stall where they have cookies bigger than your head! Speaking of markets, if you’re a flower girl head to Columbia Road Flower Market, you have to go really early but it’s well worth it – it’s like a sea of colour and smells!



I love how green London is. There’s big parks around every single corner, so you can always escape the hustle and bustle of the big city without going to far away. I absolutely love taking Duke on long strolls through Hyde Park but Richmond Park is hands down my most favourite. You can even spot the deer in there and make sure to check out the Isabella Plantation also, especially in summer because it’s one of the most beautiful walks I’ve ever been on. 

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Whenever I find myself on the underground, I’m always on the lookout for service information boards, because they’re often full funny or inspirational quotes. It’s the little things!


Sundays are my favourite day of the week to spend in London because if you wake up early enough walking around feels like you have the city to yourself. 8am on a Sunday morning (I know, I know who is out and about at this time?!) but its truly my favourite time to get some headspace as there never seems to be anyone around. 


We grew up rarely going to museums (my dad even called them Snoozeums ha! Such a dad joke) so I’ve never been the first one to talk about a new exhibition but London really does have amazing exhibitions and my favourites are the Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum (watch this vlog to see my special evening tour!) and my personal favourite, George Stubbs horse paintings and a few are at The Tate – I could stare at his beautiful work for hours.


This is what you really came to hear about isn’t it? I’ll get straight to the point, afternoon tea recommendations coming your way! To eat in a whole room of pink go to Sketch. Fashion lovers should go to The Berkley, as it’s a fashion themed tea (think biscuits shades as shoes and mini handbag cakes!). Any Alice in Wonderland fans should go to The Sanderson for the themed afternoon tea, the menus are even disguised as books! 


December is one of the best months of the year in London (if you get your Christmas shopping done early and browse the sales online to avoid the crowds). The spirit is like nothing else, Christmas songs in every taxi, store and cafe, everyone’s in a jolly mood waiting for the holiday to come around. I would recommend booking yourself into the Ice Rinks like Skate at Somerset House around 6pm when it’s getting dark. Winter Wonderland is one of my most favourite places in December purely for the exciting food stalls and cute games and lets not forget about mulled wine! Ahh, I’m excited already!

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