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A few years back, statement colourful pieces were hard to come by in my wardrobe. I was mainly a neutral kind of gal, with cream, grey and black taking the centre stage as soon as winter rolled around, but in the past couple of years I’ve really embraced colours. It all started with colourful handbags to add just a pop of colour to my outfits and now my whole closet is so varied, from shoes and coats to jumpers and dresses. This yellow ruffly mini from Solace London is a recent addition to my wardrobe and quite an eye-catcher to say the least. I have to admit, I sometimes wonder if it makes me look like a walking lemon merengue, but nevertheless, I love wearing it, especially paired with white accessories such as these retro-looking sunglasses and the most comfortable, bow-embellished slingback pumps I own. Of course this is not the only colourful statement piece I’ve been wearing lately. I still have plenty more to show you, but for now I put together some of my recent favourites for you down below!

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