How to Wear Single-Hue Outfits


Throwing together a single hue outfit of pink sounds like risky business, doesn’t it? Before you know it you can easily end up looking like a walking candyfloss. To avoid this kind of mishaps, I follow a few rules that help me wear this style fearlessly, so today I thought I would share them all with you to help you step out of your comfort zone and rock a monochromatic outfit too – black and white don’t count!​


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TIP #1

Wear different shades of your chosen colour. Instead of trying to find pieces that completely match in hue, go for a lighter top and a darker bottom half, or the other way around. This will balance things out and even let you play with proportions.


TIP #2

Mix different textures – this is my favourite tip! Here I’m wearing a cashmere jumper, velvet trousers, suede flats and a silk bow all in pink, but since the different materials in an outfit give a contrasting effect, they all end up working perfectly together.


TIP #3

Go for layers to add some depth. Just like mixing textures, layering clothing can give a new dimension to your look too. It’s a perfect solution for this cold time of the year, plus it gives you an excuse to buy a bright-coloured coat!


TIP #4

Add a pop of colour. Technically speaking, a monochromatic look shouldn’t involve another colour, but rules are meant to be broken they say, and I just think bringing in a different to distract the eye from the same colour-palette is a cherry on top that really pulls together the whole look. This time I went for a green bag, but with pink flowers to tie in the colour.


This post was shot in Colmar. You can check out the rest of the photos over here on my Instagram, watch this video on YouTube to see what I was up to, and give this France & Switzerland Road Trip guide a read for some great travel tips.

P.S. ’scuse the hair frizz, that’s what you get when you forget an umbrella *facepalm*.