What I’m Looking Forward to Most About Spring

Is it just me or was January the most dragged-out month that has ever existed?! The weather was so gloomy all days and nights started blending into one, but now that February has arrived, I feel like I can finally start getting excited for the warmer season ahead. It’s not just long, sunny spring days and taking the bright-coloured pieces out of my wardrobe I’m looking forward, though – here’s what else is keeping me on my toes!


 Sprucing up My Flat

I’ve moved into my flat over a year ago and even though it’s all done-up now, there’s still a few bits and bobs I want to add or upcycle to make the space look more put together and more ‘me’. A couple of new lamp shades are already on their way and I’m just in the midst of finding a new shelving unit to replace my black Ikea one I’ve mentioned in my recent flat tour video – if you haven’t watched it yet, head over here and let me know what else I could do to up my interior design game!


Brunching Outside

Weekend brunches with my girlfriends are my favourite type of catch-ups no matter the time of the year, but digging into your acai bowl at Farm Girl Cafe or having a cheeky cupcake at Peggy Porchen’s while you’re sitting outside and the sun is caressing your face is so much more enjoyable. Don’t you agree?

Get the Look


London in Bloom

Spring in London is magical, especially around the Notting Hill area when cherry blossoms, magnolia and wisteria come into full bloom – spotting them for the first time in a year never gets old. You don’t want to know how many photos of all the different flower-embellished houses I took last year… or how many happy squeals came out of my mouth upon discovering yet another picture perfect spot!


The Orchid Festival

Speaking of flowers, the Kew Botanic Garden just out of central London is a must-go if you haven’t been yet. I unfortunately missed their special Christmas makeover which I’ve heard is incredible with all the festive light installations, but I’m hoping to swing by in the next month and take a look at the Orchid Festival and Rebecca Louise Law’s jaw-dropping garlands exhibition before it ends.


Whipping My Sandals Out

Forget about the florals and the pastels – what I’m most excited about whipping out of my wardrobe this spring are open-toe sandals! The studded Valentino ones I have are the easiest flats to style, whether you want to dress yourself up or down, and are super comfy too, making them perfect for days when you have lots of walking to do.


The Royal Wedding

I’m sure all of you UK-based ladies are already sick and tired of hearing about the upcoming Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but I honestly just can’t wait to see how everything goes down – I’m still recovering from the previous one, it was so beautiful! I think what I’m most looking forward to this time around is seeing little Charlotte and George walk down the aisle… Please tell me I’m not the only one, haha! 



Long Easter Weekend

Having those four days off in a row for Easter to relax fills me up with so much energy! After spending some time away from my laptop this Christmas and realising how good it is for my brain to completely switch off from work, I gave myself a little challenge to do the same for Easter.  When you work for yourself there’s always something you can be doing, but I know the time away from my laptop will make me even more productive when I’m back.


Saying Goodbye to Bird’s Nest in my Hair

I love spicing up my winter outfits and keeping my ears warm with a cute bobble hat, but dealing with the aftermath is always a struggle. My hair never fails to resemble a bird’s nest after I take it off, so not having to worry about detangling the mess behind my head is something I’m actually looking forward to.




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