Why I Love Taking Time to Get Ready


There’s research out there saying most women spend over a year of their lives applying makeup, and as crazy as this sounds, the number is probably at least a couple of times higher for me. It’s not that I’m particularly slow at doing my makeup. I can get ready very quickly if I have to, but whenever I can, I go for the leisurely pace and really take my time tapping, swiping and blending away in front of my mirror.

Getting ready for me is what I consider an important step of my daily self-care routine. It’s the time of the day I have just to myself either to zone out, reflect, get my mind ready for a hectic day ahead or just unwind with a great TV show playing in the background – I’m currently obsessed with The Crown in case you’re looking for something new to watch (and now spend 90% of my time practising Elizabeth’s accent while I get ready). 



Whether I have 15 minutes or an hour to ‘put my face on’, my routine actually isn’t much different. I do prefer trying the new releases with enough time to spare, just in case something doesn’t quite work out and I have to start over, but day-to-day I follow all the same steps and even reach for the same, no-brainer kind of products.

As you know, the sun-kissed glow is what I normally go for no matter the time of the year. To achieve the look this time around, I went for the products from one of the three Shiseido’s makeup looks inspired by different districts of Tokyo they’ve created recently to celebrate their Japanese roots, the Ginza look. Inspired by the cosmopolitan business area with the same name, it’s the perfect eye, lip and skin combination to take me from meetings to after-work drinks to catch the last sun rays of the day.






What most people consider the most boring part of their makeup routine – foundation – I’m a sucker for. I feel like I’ve tried every single one under the sun while on a mission to find the perfect combination of decent coverage, natural glow and long-lasting power, and even though I’ve managed to find a couple of brilliant contenders I wouldn’t mind using until the rest of my life, I’m always curious to try more.

The Synchro Skin Glow Cushion Compact from Shiseido is one of those fool-proof, easy-to-use products. Paired with the Perfect Foundation Brush and dab it on with the compact throughout the day for touch-ups. It’s very luminous, making my skin look like I’ve had a facial done the day before, does an amazing job at blurring the pores, and has that ideal balance of oil as well as hydration level control, which makes it work year-round.


You already know I’ve been all over highlighters and skin illuminators this past season trying to fake the sun-kissed glow amidst all the crazy snowstorms – a complete side note, but is this winter ever going to end?! The most recent addition to my shimmer-stocked drawer is Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Illuminator. As it’s described as water-based I thought it would have much more of a liquid consistency, but it actually behaves more like a cream and comes packaged in a handy squeezy tube. Be warned! It’s super shimmery when it first comes out the tube which could put you off, but when used on its own to highlight the high points of your face it catches the light so beautifully, especially for an evening look. Usual rules apply with this one too, you can still tone it down for the daytime and wear it all over the face as an illuminating base by mixing it in with your foundation. 


Moving onto my eyes, I normally start with a cream eyeshadow base like this vibrant pink Paperlight Cream Eye Colour in Sango Coral. Unless I’m in a rush, I don’t wear this shade on its own, as the finish is quite translucent and gives you a very subtle tinge, but I love layering it up to intensify the whole look. I just tap it on with my fingers and then go on to do my usual smokey eye – what a surprise! It’s not just the eyelids I tap it on, though. I found another great use for it. As it’s such a soft matte, it works great as a blush too. Yay for travel friendly 2-in-1s! 

When it comes to my lipsticks, I’m still a nude girl through and through – I don’t even remember the last time I wore a proper bold lip, apart from the classic red I sometimes whip out on special occasions. Shiseido’s Rouge Rouge in Rose Crush is perfect for everyday, super creamy, comfortable to wear, and just overall a great pick when you just want throw on something that works with everything, rather than having to put some thought into matching your lip colour to the rest of your face. It falls under the very versatile  ‘your lips but better’ category, but it’s quite a sophisticated colour, a bit different to my the girly pinks I usually go for.