Hydration Essentials in Positano!


Whenever I am travelling my suitcase is always full of snacks but never drinks, this week I actually brought to Positano a new drink I’ve recently discovered Say Aloe because I wanted to try them out whilst in the sun for better results.  Say Aloe isn’t your average aloe vera drink it is the most refreshing aloe vera drink I’ve had in a while and I found it extremely hydrating whilst in the scorching heat of Italy.


The taste is so unique and it also gives me all of my daily Vitamin C allowance which is great for battling fatigue (hello 3am wake up call to go to Positano!)

As I have been on the go travelling non-stop lately I really want to take pride in my hydration care as its one of the most efficient way to stay awake and be productive on busy shooting days.

My favourite flavour so far is Mango and what I love most about Say Aloe is that unlike many other fruity drinks, it has reduced sugar and contains zero sugar variant.


I travel a lot for work which sometimes makes it  hard to remember to hydrate which is something I have been working on for years, whether skincare related or just general health.

I love that it provides me with all the daily vitamin C I need as I don’t like taking tablets and Vitamin C chewables as they are usually packed with sugar.

I had never really tried aloe vera drinks before apart from when incorporated into my skincare routine such as moisturizer and having known the numerous health benefits of aloe vera I jumped to the occasion of working with Say Aloe!

I have loved the drinks so far and will keep you updated as to how I feel after a month of using Say Aloe.

With the summer on its way it’s so important to stay on top of our health especially when sitting in the sun all day.


This week I will be taking part in the #SayAloeToNewAdventures Challenge by stepping out of my comfort zone by trying something different. I am keen to see the positive wellbeing benefits of Say Aloe which is why I will be documenting my journey and will keep you updated of the results after a week of using Say Aloe.

For more information go to https://www.gracesayaloe.co.uk/ or go down to your local Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s or Morrisons to get yours today!