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I’ve been a fan of Kiehl’s for as long as I can remember. As soon as I started getting into beauty I remember avidly following Kim Kardashian’s makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic and he mentioned the Ultra Facial Moisturiser was his favourite moisturiser to ensure your skin was hydrated and makeup lasted all day and night. It’s needless to say it was minutes before I had purchased it and that was where Kiehl’s and I started our love affair. Countless product trials and empty bottles later and here we are…



Midnight Recovery Oil was a product I vividly remember purchasing 5 years ago during a period of deep despair of full face acne. I was trying everything I could just in the hop of diminishing any spot on my face. I could shudder at the thought! I remember buying it in the airport on the way to France and slathering some on in the airport bathroom (I didn’t care that it said ‘midnight’ I was desperate to use it ASAP! I then followed with a little more that evening and the next day my skin looked the best it had looked in months and I have never looked back. Even though my acne days are behind me it’s still an absolute staple in my routine and something I would recommend to anyone no matter the skin type as it seems to sort out any skin concern! A total hero!

Creme De Corps is one of those products that takes you to a different world when you apply it. So luxurious and smells absolutely incredible it’s something that transforms your bathroom into a spa whilst you moisturise your skin.

The Cuddly Coat products are a new addition to my Kiehl’s collection and something I absolutely love! I’ve been washing Duke more than usual these past few weeks (Hello wet weather London!) and so all three products have been put to good use. I particularly love the Cleansing Spritz as it’s an instant fix for his often matted mane.

The Rare Earth Deep Pore range was something a makeup artist recommended to me on a shoot a while ago (particularly their Pore Refining Tonic) as she mentioned it would do well at controlling the oil in my skin. Although I don’t have as oily skin anymore I love the deep cleanser for regulating my skin and keeping blackheads at bay.

Lastly the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque, is something I always keep in my stash. As you know I travel a lot and the planes always seem to have an effect on my skin in a negative way. This mask adds radiance and hydration at the same time and completely wakes up my face without irritating it. It’s a must have!

So there are my top 5, I can honestly say Kiehl’s is a brand I constantly use, trust and will always love!

PS – If I had to pick a 6th, it would be the Midnight Recovery Eye Cream, it’s a winner too!