I’ve been visiting the Louisa Drake studio for a while now and absolutely love her sessions! I was looking to find workouts that made me feel invigorated and excited to workout and am really happy to have found something I thoroughly enjoy.

Louisa used to be a professional dancer and choreographer – taking inspiration and her experience from this, she makes fun, creative and personalised sessions for you! Louisa’s aim is to help create a balance between your fitness, health and wellbeing. Her signature method will rework your routine and transform your body by creating more definition, increased strength and extensive toning.


1. Toe Taps 

Lie on your back with your arms alongside your hips. Lift your hips and lower pelvis onto the ball.

Exhale and lift one leg up to table top, then on your next exhale breath, lift the other leg. Inhale and slowly lower your right foot to “tap” the floor. Exhale to lift the leg back up to table top.

Keep your head and neck relaxed on the mat for the entire duration of the exercise.  (You don’t have to touch the floor to experience benefits.)

Alternate for 30 to 60 seconds.


2. C-Curve 

Start by placing a mini-stability ball behind you and press it into your lower back. Stay lifted and in contact with the ball, eye line to knees as you curve your spine. Place your hands around your thighs to support, and keep your arms slightly bent.

Inhale, fill your lungs with air as your belly expands, then as you exhale, draw the belly button towards the ball/ spine roll down. 

Maintain the C-Curve and try releasing the arms for a challenge. Your shoulders will be on a level with your knees. Then lean back an inch or two and then lift an inch or two. 

Small precise movements for 30-60 seconds.

Try adding a hold for a final 8 seconds before finishing.


3. C-Curve with a twist 

Maintaining the C-Curve, twist at the waistline to target the oblique muscles. 

Maintain the C-Curve and rotate the spine to the right, placing the arms around the right leg for support. Maintaining the curve, you twist above the hips and aim to keep the legs together and parallel. Inhale to prepare and on an exhale breath, lean back until the arms are nearly straight, inhale to lift up but still maintaining a curve of the spine.

Aim for 30 at a slow and controlled pace and try 30 seconds of pulses, so a quicker and smaller drop back.

A way to challenge this exercise is to release the hands and reach to the corner and try increasing the repetitions.


5. Forearm plank 

Starting from standard plank position, place the mini-stability ball in-between your thighs, then lower yourself until you’re resting on your forearms. Keep forearms parallel to each other with hands flat on the ground or clasped together if that’s more comfortable. Extend your legs and maintain a long line of the spine.

While keeping your hips still, inhale slowly, bend both knees, exhale, extend the legs and squeeze the ball. 

Aim to to perform this for 30 to 60 seconds but do reset if you feel any pain in your lower back or the hips dropping to the floor. 

4. Ab curls on ball 

Sit with the ball behind the middle back, knees bent, feet on the floor and hands behind the head. Inhale to release back over the ball, extending the upper spine. Exhale to flex the spine forward Repeat slowly for 30 to 60 seconds.

On the final flexion, stay flexed, holding for eight breaths.

To advance this exercise you can repeat the moves quickly, releasing slightly and pulsing for eight breaths.


Watch us below run through a step by step routine of the exercises!