Life as we know it was turned upside down in 2020, and I’m sure most people have spent the past few months wondering how to forget about this year entirely. But now, looking back, let’s focus on the positives and appreciate the lessons we’ve learned—about ourselves, our lifestyles and also our community. So, as the year draws to a close, I thought I would reflect on what this year of uncertainty and challenge has taught me. 


1. I have a newfound appreciation for London

I’ve lived in London my whole life, but I don’t think I truly appreciated how amazing this city is until this year. During lockdown, I cherished my daily walks. I loved playing tourist in my own city, taking in the sights and uncovering hidden gems, it’s truly been the time for appreciating London without any other noise. Once everything re-opened for the first time my love grew even further, my local high street, coffee shop, cheese shop(!), all back in action. Everything I once took for granted being open whenever I fancied it, I now have a huge appreciation for.

2. I learnt how to be with my own company 

Before coronavirus, I was often so preoccupied with family, friends and work responsibilities that I didn’t spend much time alone. Being forced to be home, alone and without any company made so many things come up that I had to deal with. Less work, less noise, less hustle and bustle, more sitting with oneself and less avoiding. This year, I’ve learnt to really enjoy my own company without drowning myself in noise, I’ve switched up my personal life, learnt what boundaries I need to take more of and as a result, I feel more comfortable in my own skin.


3. I realised it’s okay to slow down (and wear track pants every day of the week!) 

2020 has given me the opportunity to slow down, savour simple moments, and not feel guilty about doing so! I gave myself permission to not *having* to do so many things in my days, weeks, weekends. So many things I would savour as weekly treats like my baths became a multiple-times-a-week occurrence… because why not?!

My aim is to continue to take the time to live in the moment and actually focus on whatever I’m doing or whoever I’m talking to or spending time with.