After years of dreaming and months of planning, RAEMI is about to officially launch. I’m so so proud of it and it feels really exciting (and a little nerve wracking!) to have this become a reality – my very own brand! 

I want to give you an overview of the debut collection ahead of the big day, so you’re armed with all the information to plan your wish-list! I have already showed and talked through the pieces on Instagram (and these stories are saved on my highlights if you would like to watch again), but this blog post will also get down to the nitty-gritty. 

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For our debut collection we created a selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and one bracelet, which have all been made ethically and responsibly in India. They can be worn alone, layered with coordinating pieces from the collection (the Pari ring and Farrah ear cuff are made to be stacked together) or paired with treasures from your own wardrobe – it really depends on your individual style and mood! 

Please be sure to sign up for early VIP access here to be first in line for the launch! 

Rae is short for my Grandmother’s name, Raymond, which means the wise, the protector. Mi is me, myself, oneself. The name RAEMI literally means protect me, which is the intention of the evil eye.

I designed the 14-piece collection myself, drawing inspiration from my middle eastern roots for everything from the colour palette to the product names. All the pieces are 18ct gold vermeil on 925 sterling silver. There are a few exceptions, which are 18ct gold plated brass, and all feature either crystals, semi-precious gemstones or coloured glass in a rainbow of blue hues. 

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