I’ve recently found a new way to store my jewellery at home, and in particular my necklaces. It’s given a lot of my pieces a rebirth and a sort of reminder to me about my old pieces that I’d forgotten about. A big tip from me is to have your jewellery easely visible and accessible so that you always feel inspired to change things around from day to day and don’t get into that jewellery funk of keeping the same pieces on.

Over the years I’ve shown you my much loved collection which has slowly grown and evolved. I’ve recently found some amazing new in favourites and want to give you an updated overview of these as well as my repeated classics.

I’ve always found jewellery to be one of the most exciting elements to creating outfits, so I hope this gives you a little inspiration to dig out your oldies but goodies or even find some new gems!


It gives me so much joy in the mornings to walk into my bathroom and see my necklaces on display just waiting to be picked – it’s one of those small routines that I love doing each day. You can tell that I definitely favour gold pieces – I think they compliment my skin tone the best.

There are few new in pieces that I’ve added to the collection starting with the gorgeous Alighieri Tales of the Sea Necklace. I’ve been looking for a fine dainty chain link necklace for a while and found this design which has these two beautiful charms attached – It sits perfectly on my neckline and I love that it can work as both a statement or a layering piece.

Two necklaces that I’ve been wearing constantly are these sculptural figure pendants. They’re both in the new Vita Collection from Daisy Jewellery which is inspired by the beauty and strength of the female body. Paired together or just by themselves I think they’re beautiful and love what they represent.

A necklace that can really have a personalised touch to it is my new Mejuri Zodiac necklace. I love how this dainty piece catches the light – it’s the perfect gift! 






Whenever I don’t have earrings on I feel a bit naked – they’re such a part of my ‘uniform’. I tend to mix and match my everyday earrings so they’re not always a symmetrical match. I have quite a few ear piercings but even if you don’t, ear cuffs are something I’ve been playing with a lot. One that I like to add for a bold touch is this Ancien Ear Cuff from Missoma.

I was recently loaned a few pieces from Dior and have truly fallen in love with the Rose des Vents Earrings. The design is so intricate and special – they’re a much more luxury piece, but I think they’re great as an everyday charm hoop earring.

One of my favourite statement earrings are the Drop Hoops from Missoma. The combination of the twisted link and the classic link intertwined caught my eye immediately. You really don’t need to have anything else when you put these on.

Lastly are my Tada and Toy Pearl Studs which have a fine chain falling star from them. I love all the detail in the pearls on these, I feel like they have all of my favourite elements to jewellery in one piece.