What I Know Now

What I Know Now (A4)

The Heartbreak Manual

At a time of turmoil and heartbreak I had no idea which way was up, what to do or how to function in my everyday life as I once did. Over the course of months I started to pick myself back up and put my life and my heart back together. It took time, but I knew it was hugely due to the support I had around me and my ability to lean on professionals too.

 I wanted to pack everything I learnt from those initial phases, all the advice, tools, comforting words and some laughs into a handy interactive manual – the manual I wish I had at that time. This manual will be your best friend. It will guide you through the tough times and make you see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have poured my heart into creating something I wish I had during my heartache. I hope it will be beneficial for your healing process!

You got this!

All my love, Amelia Liana