Beauty When It Snows

Looking at the date on the calendar you’d think now would be the time to move my winter beauty arsenal into my ‘out of season’ drawer and make space for some spring-appropriate bits and bobs instead, but the Beast from the East and my recent trip to snowy St. Moritz have been keeping my bathroom cabinet as well as my travel makeup bag fully stocked with my cold climate favourites. Luckily, the sun has finally come out this week, and after spotting my very first snowdrop of the year, I’m now convinced a well overdue spring clean will be happening soon, but until then, here’s some of my winter companions I’ve been loving (again) lately – so much so they might even make the ‘new season’ cut and stay in my cupboard for a wee bit longer.

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When it comes to lashes, I go for the bigger the better approach, adding so much length and volume people often think I’m wearing falsies. But removing all the layers afterwards, especially when the mascara’s waterproof, is a special kind of project that requires a heavy-duty makeup remover. By far one of the best I’ve found is Clinique’s Take the Day Off – a couple of drops of the oil-like formula take it all off with just a few gentle swipes, and it never stings my eyes either, making it perfect for lens wearers and people with sensitive skin as well!

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A cleanser that helps to prevent eruptions on your face (you know, those glorious spots that come out of nowhere and are the size of a bloody volcano) and keeps sandpaper skin at bay at the same time is a winner! My current number one choice that ticks both of those boxes is the Orveda Deep Cleansing Bio-fermented Rich-balm. It has the richest, most luxurious formula I massage into my skin before removing it with a hot towel, and in combination with their Rich Brew Botanical Cream I like to apply afterwards, it gives my skin that sought-after glow from within it’s not always easy to reach without making a trip to the salon for a proper facial.


Speaking of the glow, there’s a new highlighter in town that deserves all the hype. I normally avoid cream-based highlighters as they’re often quite heavy and toned-down, but the Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick dries into a nice, powdery finish, and has a lightweight texture you can easily layer for a more intense look. My favourite thing about it, though, is the triangular bullet shape, as it makes it really easy to apply the product right on top of your cheekbones, following your bone structure, and I love how versatile in terms of shades the range is too. There’s five different ones, ranging from pink and champagne to gold and bronze – my most-loved is Gold Flash!

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Being a medium to high coverage kinda gal, I rarely opt for tinted moisturisers, but the new YSL Touche Eclat All-in-one Glow had me at hello. It’s neither a proper tinted moisturiser nor a full-blow foundation, but the perfect mix between the two that adds moisture, provides more than enough coverage (it’s super buildable), and gives you the most naturally radiant look without the dreaded sweat-like finish that just makes you look like you did an hour of cardio with your full face of makeup on.


Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment is my ultimate weapon against dry, chapped lips I tend to get every time I’m hitting the slopes. The combination of snow, wind and intense mountain sunshine can wreak havoc on my skin, but this miracle product never fails to work its magic, protecting or healing my lips in no time. I like that it comes in a tube with an applicator, so I don’t have to dip my fingers in a pot when I’m out and about, and even though it doesn’t hold a whole lot of product, a little goes a long way. I really wish I didn’t drop mine right after taking this photo, haha! Luckily it was practically finished. 


Oribe Dry Texturing Spray is a product I’ve completely forgotten about recently, despite the fact it’s been one of my holy grails for over half a decade (saying this makes me feel really old). Containing a touch of dry shampoo, it absorbs the oil from the roots without making your hair look dry, as well as adds an insane amount of volume and gives you a proper lift – no other texturising hair spray I’ve tried so far has come close to it.

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